Friday, December 30, 2011

JB Van Hollen doesn't prosecute Republicans!!

There's really no other way to interpret J. B. Van Hollen's decision not to be a part of the John Doe investigation of Walker cronies and staff. Check this out from jsonline's Dan Bice:
Top investigators at the state Department of Justice wanted to keep out of a secret investigation of current and former aides to Gov. Scott Walker, newly released records show. "This is one to try and stay away from. I can't see any good coming from it," Ed Wall, head of the department's Division of Criminal Investigation, wrote in a Nov. 15, 2010, email. “Absolutely," responded David Spakowicz, director of field operations for the division's eastern region.
It also seems there's a divide as to who J.B. will work with:
Wall's email was sent just hours before he met with Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm about the John Doe investigation.
But get this bit of hypocrisy:
Van Hollen's agency assisted with at least one previous John Doe investigation run by the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, lending a hand during the probe of former Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee (D).

The investigation is being headed by Chisholm, a Democrat. The Department of Justice is headed by Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who like Walker is a Republican. State Department of Justice officials have declined to say why the agency chose not to assist with the investigation of Walker's former county staffers.

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  1. When Van Hollen first ran for the AG's office he claimed, during the Republican primary, to have top-secret knowledge of terrorist training camps in northern Wisconsin. This of course made him the best candidate to fight terrorism in Wisconsin.

    So what ever happened to those terrorist compounds? Amazingly the ever vigilant press never followed up on his bald-faced lies. It was another of those wink-wink moments that have become so common among the news-scribblers since the era of Reagan and his "whoppers".

    If anything, Van Hollen is a bigger pathological liar than Walker, which is indeed a very high bar to clear.