Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walker thinks Recall Signatures result of Union ad campaigns. Earth to Walker....

I've written a lot about Republican projection, but the Scott Walker interview below says it all. The idea liberals would ever take marching orders from anyone, in this case unions, is so crazy and antithetical to the herding cats party you've got to wonder what these guys are drinking.

Even when confronted with the 500,000 plus recall signatures that couldn't possibly translate to union influence, Walker still blames union ad campaigns. Conservatives don't get it. Guess what Scott, that top down, fall in line, repeat the talking point list of positions, is your problem not ours.
Neumann: "We're talking about 540 thousand signatures...that's more than just the unions, right? That's more than just union money. There's a lot of citizens involved."

Walker: "Well sure, but what I'm saying...What I'm saying is that was driven by that."
Walker refuses to blame himself for the destructive divide in our state, and the conflict that now separates families and neighbors.
Greg Neumann: "Aren't you personally responsible for the differences that you're talking about in that ad, in this state right now?"

Walker: "No. Did I make what I believe was a responsible decision...?"

Greg Neumann: "Would any of those had led to the type of fervor we're seeing now? Let's be honest."

Walker: "...because of the unions overwhelming funding these attacks, want more than anything, the money that they don't automatically get from public employees in the state." 
To Walker, unions don't care about labor rights, just the money. From WKOW 27 News:

At least to Walker and his conservative echo chamber, it is all about money.

The ad, paid for by Scott Walker's campaign, features the governor and his family volunteering and getting in the holiday spirit, and wraps up with this line, coming from first lady Tonette:
"In this season of peace, our hope is that we can put our differences aside and move forward together," says Tonette Walker.
But some think the ad is intending to discourage people from continuing recall efforts through the holidays. 27 News contacted the Walker campaign. A spokesperson says "it seems you are trying to define the premise of her statement. Her point: It's Christmas."

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