Thursday, December 15, 2011

Half Million Signatures Stunning Response by Wisconsinites to Recall Walker!

UWM's Mordecai Lee has always been pretty much middle of the road in his punditry, which is why I found his stunned response in the coverage below surprising about the half million signatures gathered so far. Fox 6 reports:

UW-Milwaukee Governmental Affairs Professor Moredecai Lee says up until Thursday, much of the recall talk has been just talk, but now there are hard facts, in the form of signatures and the announcement of numbers on the table. The fact that they've got half a million signatures has got to be interpreted as meaning that support for the recall is much wider and much broader than anyone had really realized. This isn't just a bunch of activists, or this isn't just a bunch of teachers who are sour grapes. Half a million Wisconsinites is a lot of people," Lee said.

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