Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walker's Economic Fictions and Failures! All Allowed by an Uncritical Media.

A nice new addition to Leftyblogs, BrewtownGumShoe, offered up a set of charts to demonstrate just how bad the Walker administration is at managing the state. It also demonstrates how every moment in FitzWalkerstan is the children’s word game Opposite Day.

There’s a reason “disaster capitalism” best describes what the Republicans have done so far; they’ve taken the Great Recessions disaster, and falsely blamed the size of government and “overspending,” instead of blaming Wall Street. And it’s working. They have accomplished their long time goal of downsizing the government, and are still passing out bundles of taxpayer money to business. Click on the pictures to enlarge:

And this "amazing" truth...

And yet the media continues to play out the Walker fiction. The best way to sum up what has taken place since 2008 and the Great Recession is this:
Wisconsin’s current budget deficit originates in the loss of state revenues resulting from the economic recession, not by out-of-control increases in state spending on public workers. Indeed, the Wisconsin Budget Project has calculated that without the decline in revenues associated with the recession, there would be no current budget shortfall. State revenues collapse in recessions. This recession, the fault of a housing bubble caused by irresponsible behavior on Wall Street, generated for Wisconsin a significant budget deficit. The public employees and their unions are now being forced to pay for the downturn.

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