Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Walker has no Plans for Women's Cancer Screening!

Gov. Scott Walker wants to protect women from getting their cancer screenings at controversial facilities. So Planned Parenthood has been cut off by the administration from providing free screenings.

So what's the plan to replace PP? There is no plan and there is no rush to fill the void. Al Sharpton noticed:

According to Planned Parenthood:

“As a nonprofit health care provider with over 75 years of service to our community, we are deeply concerned about the continued provision of critical cancer care for these women without delay,” stated Teri Huyck, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. “With Christmas just five days away and eight business days remaining before the end of our contract, the state has put our ability to provide our Well Woman patients with a seamless transition to alternative care at great risk. If the state was prioritizing women’s health, they would have identified a designated provider, staff, and patient contact information before they decided to end our contract. It is unacceptable that with just eight days remaining, the state does not even have a phone number for women with cancer to call for help.”

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