Monday, December 19, 2011

The Well Defined Debate over Government, with Paul Ryan, Barney Frank, George Will and Robert Reich.

ABC's This Week featured George Will, Paul Ryan, Barney Frank and Robert Reich, in a debate featuring Republican cliche's that were easily shredded by Democratic logic. The show opened with Paul Ryan posing his often repeated false premise; too much government results in bad government. Yeah, only in the hands of Republicans.

He treats his own scenario of a cruel society and social Darwinism, as Democratic name calling, and not an eventual conservative reality. Barney Frank defines where government is good and where it is bad, and Robert Reich chimes with this question; if people say they don't trust government, how many would say they trust Wall Street.

You'll notice the sneering condescension from a ideologically ridged Paul Ryan.

In this clip, Paul Ryan rips apart his parties own economic mess, the same economy that includes all the Bush tax cuts, borrowed war funding, Medicare part D, little regulation of Wall Street, and still no national plan on job creation. It's horrible, and Ryan admits as much. Adding insult to injury, George Will admits the rich have all the power and influence in D.C.. Will even claimed Republicans weren't attacking education. Amazing stuff:

Finally, Paul Ryan's acts like the ass he is, claiming money flows to big government because that's where the power is, and suggests that with government out of the way, big money would lose it's power. But in reality, that power would be spread out all over the country. Like little fiefdoms? Here Ryan is his most arrogant. Ryan's one big problem is the longer we get to see him unscripted, the more repulsive he looks:

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