Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unexpected Number of Teachers Leaving, Mid-Year. Walker Policy to Blame!!!

Conservative voters and Walker backers will stop at nothing to balance the state and local budgets. It doesn’t matter what happens, or how divesting the “unintended consequences” are, spending taxpayer money needs to stop. But these cheap bottom feeding freeloaders who already have theirs, will never be happy with the cuts. More will follow.

And with these cuts our kids’ education will suffer, creating a whole new complaint from conservatives that public schools are lousy, and need to be done away with.  
Fox11: Fifth-grade teacher Kathi Sikich has worked in public schools for more than a quarter century, the last 12 years at McAuliffe Elementary. John Dunlap, a math teacher at Preble high, has spent 37 years in public education. "I love watching the kids understand math," Dunlap said.

On January 20, both will become former teachers. The two are among 70 employees in the Green Bay district calling it quits in the middle of the school year. Sixty-six of those employees are teachers; four are administrators and staff. If that sounds like a lot, it is. In fact, last year, just one teacher retired in the middle of the year. The year before that, just three retired.
But it’s working, according to the Walker administration.

Parents supporting Walker should be ecstatic.
Some parents aren't too happy with what's happening this year. "It is unfortunate for the kids," said Chris Busse. His son is in Sikich's class at McAuliffe. Busse found out at the start of the school year that she would be leaving in January. "I was a little put off by it," he said. "It's a whole new transition in the middle of the year that kids probably don't need to go through."

Rich Carlstedt from the Brown County Taxpayers Association says he doesn't have a problem with it. That's because the district will now save money by hiring new teachers. "Now is the time to do it, believe it or not. I don't look at the sudden increase in retirements as anything negative. I think it's good." 
See, who the hell cares. I have kids in elementary and middle school, and it would be horrible to see the teacher they've developed a daily routine with leave. I hate these tax cutting sons of bitches. 
Maybe it's good for the district's bottom line. But what about the students? John Dunlap knows some of the students in his algebra class will be affected by the mid-year change. "Why not stay? Because of the threat at that time," Dunlap said. "We had to decide to retire or not with the old retirement package and there was no guarantee because we didn't know what the new contract was going to offer.

Can you blame these teachers? It’s “everybody out for themselves” now. This is the world conservatives crave. And we’ll get cheaper inexperienced teachers with no seniority, all in pursuit of the almighty bottom line. Oh, the cutting has only just started too.

This comment followed the story:
This has hurt the prison system also. The experienced staff all retired because of Walker's policies. Now things aren't so good. Assaults on staff are on the upswing and things are getting ugly. The truth is the same. The compensation is their money. The tax payers pay them for work done. How and where they put those wages is up to them. I kinda wish the tables could be turned. God forbid an employee at some company like Oshkosh Truck give up a percentage of their wages because the public said it wasn't fair that they had that money to begin with.

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