Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walker's War on Planned Parenthood should garner more self appointed Death Panel Voters.

One of the things that is utterly stunning to those of us who were once Republicans is the nearly complete death of the concept that “compassionate conservativism” was a lofty ideal. Now you have public officials such as Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker who seem to have no problem tossing the word compassionate out the window. One example here.
Gov. Scott Walker is a ruthless extremist, and more women in Wisconsin will die of cancer, thanks to his right-wing vendetta against Planned Parenthood. At least we have the satisfaction of knowing that every time he pulls a heartless move like this, it translates into thousands more signatures on his recall petitions: First he gutted worker's rights, then slashed state education funding and dumbed-down sex ed. Next on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's hit list? Breast and cervical cancer screenings for women. Come January 1, Wisconsinites who rely on Planned Parenthood to access free cancer screenings may be out of luck … the Walker government is ending Planned Parenthood's contract. In four Wisconsin counties, Planned Parenthood is the only health care provider currently contracted as a coordinator for the cancer screenings.  [UPDATE: Walker himself has confirmed that the state is ending its contract with Planned Parenthood.] Atkinson says the DHS cut is politically motivated; as far as she knows, her group was the only service provider whose contract was not renewed. The move puts in question what will happen to the more than 1,000 women that access the Well Woman Program through Planned Parenthood in Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Outagamie counties every year. Doctors found 15 cases of cervical and breast cancer in the 1,260 women screened in those counties in 2010—cases that likely would not have been detected if women didn't have access to the Well Woman Program. 
I suspect this won’t help him win over voters in what is shaping as a near certainty that he will have to battle a recall effort.
This comment brings into focus the hate and insanity that so preoccupies the far right:
Jim Satterfield says: Ideological sociopaths, IMO. Nothing matters but their pandering to people whose thought processes are dumbed down enough to believe that everything is good/evil and in their world Planned Parenthood is evil. It must be destroyed if at all possible. A long time ago I worked as the sole IT person for a PP affiliate. There were 8 clinics. Only one of them performed abortions for part of the day two days a week out of the six days they were open. Two high school kids decided after taking the pro-life position in their debate society that the position was right firebombed a clinic one night. It did nothing but birth control and health screenings. We had windows shot out in the offices. Bomb threats. Doors broken. Air conditioning units sabotaged. Patients yelled at through bullhorns from a foot away. Attempts to follow employees home. I only worked there two years and those were the things I saw. Gee, why don’t I appreciate the moral certitude of the Religious Right? Guesses, anyone?

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  1. State Senator Pam Galloway is right on board with this and she is a BREAST CANCER SURGEON. Even for a Republican this is low. Is she trying to create new patients for when she gets booted out of office?