Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Walker protects business from free market liability and responsibility, by using government as a shield against consumers!!

Ask yourself how you, as a consumer, might benefit from the new “business climate” the Walker administration has put in place. Especially after all the rhetoric that government was supposed to get out of the way. Instead, government has gotten in the way of consumers by creating laws protecting business from the free market. Now we know to what extent we’ve all been affected with this list:
Cap Times: Wisconsin's trial lawyers association ranked the state's new auto insurance law as the year's No. 1 attack on consumers' rights in Wisconsin, filling out the rest of its Top 10 list with other Republican-led initiatives to improve the state's business climate. Critics see the auto insurance law as a giveaway to insurance companies, which have new powers to decide what they cover in the event of an accident. "The net effect of all of these changes is that consumers are getting less coverage and the auto insurance companies are getting more control."

Coming in at No. 2 on the Wisconsin Association for Justice's list is a cap on attorney fees. Critics say the cap will hurt the chances of wronged tenants, "lemon" car buyers and others seeking relatively small damages, to find a lawyer.

Other measures: product liability law that raise the bar for lawsuits against products that injure and kill while capping the amount manufacturers might end up paying … laws shielding nursing homes from liability for abuse and negligence, and a measure keeping reports of abuse and neglect secret in court, both civil and criminal.