Thursday, December 15, 2011

The latest on the Recall Count, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald's vengeful law targeting signers, legal challenge.....

A little talked about law that allows judge shopping, in conservative Waukesha specifically, is giving the Fitzgerald brothers and Scott Walker an air of confidence unheard of in politics. What was once the domain of Dane county courts, Republicans are now able to go to any county they want for their conservative activist judge. Now they're suing in Waukesha to force the GAB, to do their job, checking the recall names. Jeff Fittzgerald even wants to lock law abiding citizens up for signing recall petitions more than once, making it a felony, even though the duplicate names will be thrown out, reduce the total amount of signatures reported, and basically make sure any phony or shredded petitions won't prevent your name from being counted.

Get a load of the sneer on Jeff's face. These brothers are real sociopaths. From NBC 15:

Here's State Sen. Jon Erpenbach from Al Sharpton's show today:

Here's an even more revealing look at a confused Jeff Fitzgerald, who can't differentiate between defacing a petition from those signing one multiple times. He really thinks people are that dumb. Channel3000:

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