Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Planned Parenthood asked by State to Provide Screenings for another 60 Days.

If pulling the funding for Planned Parenthood for no reason wasn't bad enough, the Walker administration had no alternative plan in place to help women get medical help or screenings. Sadly, politicians can't be charged with reckless disregard for life due to bad legislation.

Are Republicans trying too hard to make government not work? You might remember Scott Walker's reason for shutting Planned Parenthood out; he wanted to give women the choice to go to a place less controversial. But Scott, who made it controversial?

But Republicans have done one thing; they've proven they are so disorganized that they can't be trusted to run government worth a damn. They don't seem to have a clue. What they are good at is pushing an agenda, no matter how chaotic, disjointed or dangerous to the public.

It's all politics, all the time.

Cap Times: Politics is driving Gov. Scott Walker's administration to funnel state money away from a program Planned Parenthood has administered in four counties for the past 16 years … "It appears Planned Parenthood's affiliation with abortion services is driving this decision," says Doug Gieryn, the director of the Winnebago County Health Department. "That's all I can get out of this. This certainly was a decision that came through the governor's and (Health Services) secretary's offices." The county is aiming to begin providing services at the end of a 60-day transition period that begins Jan. 1.

Gieryn says he has yet to receive an answer as to why this change is necessary, despite numerous conversations with his state lawmakers and administrative health officials. "I think our primary concern is that we make decisions based on how to best serve our population with the limited resources we have at this time," Gieryn says. "This decision does not improve access to services and has resulted in an unnecessary distraction from the work we normally do."

Gieryn described the working relationship between PP as a "great model," as women could be told they have reached an age where it would be beneficial to receive a mammogram, for example, and the test could then be performed at the same time. Gieryn says he still is working to find a location where the tests and other screenings can take place. Gieryn also is recommending the county hire the two Planned Parenthood staffers who now administer the Wisconsin Well Woman program. 

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