Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just how big a bully is Sen. Scott Fitzgerald? See for yourself.

In an earlier post about the latest recall numbers, I mentioned and feature a video of recall organizer Lori Compas confronting Sen. Scott Fitzgerald over his accusations petitioners were committing fraud.

Here's how Ed Schultz covered the give and take between Compas and Fitzgerald, who we all know is the biggest asshole in the state senate (sorry, this guys is an unapologetic arrogant authoritarian):

Compas needs help to get this toad out of office before he literally starts having people arrested by his dad. Click HERE!!!!!


  1. fitzgerald should crawl back under his rock! Just a downright arrogant prick. He really acts like he is nancy pelosi's twin sister. I would bet anything, that he has a huge closet full of dirty laundry.

  2. sooner or later, fat ass fitzgerald will be outta his croney little crooked office, and wisconsin will be much better off without him.