Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Lawful American, a kid, nearly kills someone with a concealed weapon.

Maybe someone should pass this story on to recall target State Sen. Pam Galloway (R).

It seems some dunderhead father gave his young daughter a loaded gun for protection, apparently from the big bad wolves of the world who hang out in Starbucks coffee shops. And this little girl didn’t have an ounce of training.

Since (temporary) Sen. Galloway supported what is known as constitutional carry, with virtually no restrictions at all on gun ownership, maybe she can push to allow kids of any age to carry. After all, they are most vulnerable to predators. And I’m sure she would not like to see any road blocks put in place, like a little gun training, to slow down a kids guaranteed constitutional right to accidently fire the gun in a public place.
ABC News: Police in Wyoming say nobody was hurt when a small gun that was inside a girl's purse fired while she was in a Cheyenne Starbucks. Authorities say the girl is under age 18 … was cited for underage possession of a firearm … the girl's father had given her the gun and encouraged her to carry it for her protection. According to police records, she hasn't had any formal firearms training.
Guns…we need more of them.

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