Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Postal Poison Pill about to Take down Local Governments?

Remember when Republicans in congress forced the Postal Service to go bankrupt by making them pay for benefits 75 years in advance, in just 10 years? It's quite a plan and a perfectly "innocent" way to kill whatever department is targeted.

Why waste a good idea? Right now towns, cities and school districts pay as they go for retiree health care benefits. That's about to get the poison postal pill from freshman Representative and Americans for Prosperity deep thinker Jeremy Thiesfeldt. Let's start with those lousy retiree benefits:
Thiesfeldt: "The truth is they don't have to offer these benefits. But if they are going to offer them, they should be able to prove they can pay them."
Who gives a rats ass about our elderly. That's so 20th century. Instead, let's make towns, cities and school districts pay for an expensive study to determine how much money is needed in the future, so they can set aside that funding today. Why wait? From WKOW 27:

And Americans for Prosperity Rep. Thiesfeldt conveniently doesn't want to believe the City of Milwaukee Budget Director's estimate of $1.2 million for the study.  He "doesn't buy it." Okay, but what does he "buy?"

Thiesfeldt believes too many local government budgets are "out of control, and that hurts taxpayers." Hey, that's what he believes. So why not have our big government overlords guide us along like lost little children.

And you thought Republicans believed in local control....

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