Friday, December 23, 2011

Scott Walker's Proof Out-of-State Protesters were Unfairly Influencing Wisconsin Voters. Like we're that dumb!

WDTY reporter Dylan Brogan finally asked Scott Walker the simple question, what's behind your claims the protesters here were from out of state?
Walker: "You can see the pitchers (sic) in your own papers...pitchers (sic) that say Illinois, ah, New Mada...New Mex...ah, not New Mexico, Nevada I saw. I saw Washington, New York, there were thousands who probably said it...from that point you saw things change when people came in from other states, and to me that's out of deference to the people in Wisconsin..."
So much for the many tens of thousands of Wisconsinites who came to the Capitol, day after day, month after month, asking for compromise and a voice in government. They were apparently trampled over and told what to think, by the few out of state supporters? More conservative projects I think.

Wisconsin voters should feel insulted by Walker's condescending attempt at creating a straw man argument, that no thinking adult would ever believe. No word yet on whether Walker will ask out of state campaign contributors to stop telling Wisconsin voters how well things are going....


  1. Could someone PLEASE fix the references in the Walker quote; it's "pictures", not "pitchers". Unless Walker sent in a written response, which does not seem to be the case.

    I am not about to link anyone to this article with such a basic mistake as that.

  2. Doh! If you listened to the audio clip, Walker says "pitchers," over and over.

    That's why I transcribed it that way. I hate when people can't say a word as simple as pictures. Guess it's my old radio experience flashing back at me.