Friday, December 16, 2011

Justice Gableman, again flaunts the law, this time taking free legal counsel.

We really shouldn't be reading about our State Supreme Court Justices as much as we have, unless there's an incredible underlying problem no one really wants to deal with. 

But here we go again. It's stunning to think any justice would make the following kind of error, unless they had a total disregard for the office!
jsonline: State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman received free legal service worth thousands of dollars from one of Wisconsin's largest law firms as it defended him against an ethics charge, according to a letter released Thursday by the firm. The state's ethics code says state officials cannot receive anything of value for free because of their position. And a separate ethics code specifically for judges says they cannot accept gifts from anyone who is likely to appear before them.

A former state ethics official on Thursday said authorities should thoroughly investigate how the deal between Gableman and attorney Eric McLeod of Michael Best & Friedrich worked because Gableman did not end up paying any attorneys fees.

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