Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Walker takes Down State Economy, while his believers think its just Democratic sour grapes

A scorched earth policy is the easy way to balance a state budget. But is "easy" what Wisconsin voters wanted? There is no ideological proof a strict conservative policy would ever work in the real world. Not anywhere. And guess what, it isn't working. Taking money out of state workers pockets, who pay state taxes and spend locally, never did make any sense. But the budget is balanced? It isn't, and more cuts have already been suggested. 

Gov. Scott Walker’s economic policies have caused so much job loss that Wisconsin is trailing the national pace of job creation. That’s brought home by a new report from IWF, The Price of Extremism: Wisconsin’s economy under the Walker administration.

If only Wisconsin had matched the national pace of job creation since April, about 34,000 more families would have a breadwinner with a full-time job, the report says.

Wisconsin lags the national economy because of Walker’s “cuts only” approach to budgeting. His policies have pulled billions of dollars out of the state economy, the worst possible action he could have taken during a difficult economic period.

Walker’s cuts include:
Cuts in state aid for important programs at the state and local level, Cuts in aid to low-income families, Cuts in take-home pay for hundreds of thousands of public employees, Rejections of federal dollars.
The indirect ripple effects of these policies will alone cause the destruction of about 18,000 full-time jobs, according to IWF’s economic simulations. The report also includes estimates of the impact on a number of individual counties.


  1. (2008) GM Ted Thompson trades Farve, who lead the Packers the season before to 13-3 (and the NFC Championship game!), to the NY Jets for nothing more than a conditional draft pick. They finished 2008 6-10. Clearly Ted knows nothing of football. All we are going to end up getting for Farve is some looser named Clay Matthews. Lets recall Ted and get Farve back for the 2009 season! Heh.

  2. I'm sure you're just as forgiving to Obama, who's trying to get the whole country back on track after 15+ years of a GOP congress (I know, you like to blame everything on the 1 and half years the Dems had congress).


  3. Interesting numbers there. 15 + Years? How does that math work?
    1995 through 2001 = 6 years
    2003 through 2007 = 4 years

    6 + 4 = 15?

    1.5 years the Dems had Congress?

    2007-2011 = 4

    4 = 1.5?

    Let's assume you can add, but were having an "off" day.

    I'd ask how goes the recall Obama effort but that would be too easy. Heh.

    In related math news, I looked at the numbers the recall folks have been reporting and came up with +1.1 million signers by the time it's over (summation for t = 1 to 60 of 26250e^(-0.011433t). Not sure if the differential equation (initial value problem) will prove correct either before or after deduping. Go Packers!

  4. Your math is correct, but with divided government some of those years, we never had the overwhelming ability to push whatever a specifically Democratic agenda. Plus I was debating whether I should have gone back to the Reagan years and start there, or the 1995 majority.

    Heh, heh. You sound arrogantly scared of the recall numbers. Nice front.

    Lastly, let's not forget the actual blog you commented on. Those numbers are just as real as your attempt to side track the issue. If you're happy with the charts and the direction we're headed, then maybe ideology is the only thing you care about...and power. You seemed to have forgotten the whole point of the post. Doh!


  5. You don't see the contradiction in your position? Obama must be given more time to repair the damage "caused" by President Bush. Governor Walker must not be given any time to fix the real damage left in Doyle's wake.

    As far as being "arrogantly scared" of the coming mulligans, no. There are two possible outcomes from the recall.

    1) Walker somehow loses. With Republicans in firm control of the lower house, the changes passed since last spring stay in place. Nothing changes.

    2) Governor Walker trashes the Dem and gets a fresh mandate to take the State much further to the right. More tax cuts, state-wide school choice, right to work rules, etc.

    In summary, the Wisconsin left is spending much blood and treasure to, at best, keep the status quo. More likely, it will be a huge springboard for a Conservative golden age. Heh, gonna be fun!

    Go Packers!

  6. Actually, I do see the contradiction. It's sad that conservatives still don't. Before Obama could do anything as president in his first few months, Republicans blamed him for plummeting unemployment. In fact they still do even know the rest.

    Walker made a promise most Democrats knew was impossible, massive job creation, because the national economy was so bad. But you and the drones believed it. Now that it hasn't happened, it's Washington's fault. The "job creators" were given a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts, but where are the jobs? It hasn't worked, but who cares, right?

    Right now Walker claims that during Doyle's last few years in office, Wisconsin saw huge job losses. Oh my gosh, he must have forgotten the Great Recession. I guess Walker is trying to pin those job losses on Doyle? In fact, you're making the same claim in your comment...Doyle killed those jobs or was it the Bush Recession?

    You don't get my writing style or understand how hypocritical Republicans are on every issue. You want it both ways when it suits you.

    Too bad, but we on the "professional left," will never let you off the hook.

    As far as the Walker agenda; voucher school performance is lousy (you didn't know that did you) and will demand more and more taxpayer funding (they are already demanding the same per student amount-that'll save money?), and wages will plummet as the state spirals down the drain. Of course, that only works to the benefit of conservatives, who'll claim more cuts are needed due to a lack of revenue.

    Welcome to a Dickensian utopia. And what role will have?

  7. You state that Obama's economic performance contains elements that are beyond his control and, at the same time, you argue as if Walker is acting in an economic vacuum.

    I used to think, as you seem to, that a President or Governor need only to pass a few bills and unemployment wouldn't surpass 7% or revenue would surge with a growing economy. The truth is the economy is far to dynamic and reactive to bend to the whims of one man or single administration. My world view has evolved to become more sophisticated since. Government policies can be viewed as a "current" in the water that our economy floats in. Some laws push us toward prosperity, others away. Other "currents" include energy prices, labor markets, currency stability and the like. These things a President may not control very well and a State Governor even less. To blame Governor Walker for job losses this early (less than a year!) in his term is to announce to the world that you are a propagandist. Which is fine, some of my best friends are propagandists. I just prefer the truth.

    While is saddens me that you did not understand my last few comments, I would be remiss if I did not thank you for your response and civil tone. In other less open minded blue leaning sites, I've been subject to colorful language and, in more than one case, outright bannishment. Was banned once for questioning the posters commitment to free speech. The irony cracks me up to this day. Heh.