Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sen. John McCain wants Certainty, in an Uncertain Free Market. They're not kidding.

Suddenly, government has stopped the private sector from creating jobs, stopped them cold.

So the question is; how did the Obama Democrats stop business from creating jobs?

Sen. John McCain offers up this sobering shot in his recent email to me:
“The President's idea of jobs created by government … is wrong and … has led to a complete failure to lower the unemployment rate...”
Government, not Wall Street’s global crash, killed jobs! Republican deregulation? Forget it!

The play-no-favorites, uncertain ruthlessness of the free market, now needs…certainty.

But can Republicans actually sell the idea of free markets with government guaranteed certainty? That’s crazy, right? That would mean government can create jobs, by taking the “uncertainty” out of unregulated markets.

Sen. John “crazy” McCain continues:
"The President insists on blaming Republicans for his lack of results, and we're not going to stand for it anymore. Today, I'm asking you to show your support for the Jobs Through Growth Act. Our plan will help give the certainty and confidence that our private sector so badly needs to invest, grow and create jobs again."
Instead of laughing at the lunacy of free market “certainty,” the media went along. And like any unchecked authoritarian political power would, they exploited the idea of “disaster capitalism.” While the nation is down, plunder it.
“By cutting taxes, reforming our broken tax code, reducing spending and getting the burden of overregulation off America's back we can get our economy moving again.”
Sure we saw balanced budgets in the 90’s, surpluses too, suddenly the private sector needs "government help" by introducing certainty in an uncertain free market. 

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