Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Walker's Fox News Rant Departs from Reality. Now He's just Making things up!!!

I've been trying to make sense out of the reckless rantings of Gov. Scott Walker, as he makes the media rounds. His stories are well rehearsed and the same no matter who asks. But the difference in each of his interviews come across in his initial reaction to the question, which provides an insight into how the recall is effecting him. And it's not going well apparently.

Ed Schultz, along with Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor and John Nichols, trashed his latest appearance on Fox News, where Walker felt so comfortable talking to like minded conservatives that he twisted what was already mindless fiction.

Walker's preoccupation with one guys wild story of signing over 70 petitions, which has never been confirmed as true, expanded into protecting against those who aren't legal citizens, dog whistle language that will surely energize his frightened base.  His other argument is bizarre; he wants to protect those who don't want to sign petitions too. A not too subtle tie in with the voter fraud myth.

Walker's insulting "I should have done more to make my case," is total BS, considering he's done nothing but try to explain his troubled policy all year. Not many are buying it. Fox News' forgetful viewers will fall in line with Walker's total historical elimination of the Great Recession, and the jobs his predecessor created for him in the his first six months as governor.   

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