Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Senate Recalls looking good, numbers trickling out.

From the Caledonia Patch, Christie Taylor-Dane101
As of Sunday morning volunteers for the campaign to recall Sen. Van Wanggaard of the 21st district have collected at least 16,000 petition signatures, more than the 15,500 that would make him eligible for recall. Wanggaard, whose district covers Racine County, is one of four Republican senators targeted for recall this winter … The petitions still have to be sent to Madison, where the Democratic Party will weed out duplicates and incomplete signatures and make the count official, Galleher said.

Meanwhile Lori Compas, who is independently organizing the effort to recall Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald without the official backing of the Democratic Party, said the group hit 9,200 signatures as of last Sunday night. A fresh count for this past week will be available by Monday or Tuesday. Her grassroots effort is aiming for 300 signatures per day, for a total of 18,000. The minimum required to trigger a recall election against the Juneau Republican is 16,792.
Here's Lori Compas confronted Scott Fitzgerald about his allegations she had been allowing phony names to get through, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the recall and her character, HuffingtonPost:

The Wausau Daily Herald reports that efforts to recall Sen. Pam Galloway of Wausau have yielded more than 10,000 signatures as of Thursday. To force a recall election, 15,647 signatures are needed. In an e-mail Monday morning, committee head Nancy Tabaka-Stencil said their totals were at roughly 70 percent of the minimum. "No difficulties here other than that she is not very well known," Tabaka-Stencil said. "I'm sure I've met more of her constituents than she has."

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the group working to recall Terry Moulton, based in Chippewa Falls, has also collected more than 10,000 of the 14,958 required signatures.  


  1. Why is it that Democrats can't get tougher. Pam Galloway would have been toast by now if the Democratic Party would have come out with her vote to end Family Planning in the state. I work for Social Services in Wausau and poor women count on Family Planning for their birth control and cancer screenings. Pam Galloway is a BREAST CANCER SURGEON and yet she was one of the leaders in getting rid of FP. That's low even for a Republican. Is she creating patients for when she decides to quit politics?
    You sure wouldn't know anything about her vote or hypocrisy if you didn't read the liberal blogs.
    Very similiar to Sean Duffy who stole the scheduled Veteran's Job Fair last fall and turned it into the "Sean Duffy October Job Fair". He's planning on having a Spring Job Fair. Here is the man who voted to zero out funding for Job Training Programs and Job Centers parading around as the champion of the unemployed. Of course he had the people that work at the Job Center do all the set up and take down work just like he will do this spring.
    And the average person who doesn't pay attention to politics thinks Sean Duffy is a hero and has no idea Pam Galloway as a breast cancer surgeon championed killing poor women.
    You certainly wouldn't know that

  2. I share your frustration. The Democratic Party has had so many opportunities to pound Republicans, yet they chosen to ignore everything.

    The points you made would make great ads for the upcoming state recalls and 2012 election, but don't count on it.

    While the state GOP hands the Democrats offensive gift after gift, they're still only playing defense.

  3. In reply to your reply. I have come to the conclusion that Democrats think people are smarter than they are...or at least informed, which the majority are not. Unless you make an effort to know what's going on or are a political junkie like myself. you don't know how Sean Duffy or Pam Galloway vote on the issues.
    Wausau Daily Herald just had an article on Pam Galloway where she stated she misses her practice and holding a person's hand to get through a cancer diagnosis. They also had articles on Sean Duffy's Job Fair....so the average person thinks wow, what great people they are. And the Democratic Party for the most part remains silent.
    They need to take a page from Fox News...except don't lie like they do. Make it simple and repeat it over and over.
    Brokaw Paper Company and SNE just closed in Wausau affecting over 1000 workers. Who is helping them? People from the Job Training programs and Job Center. No one sees that or reports on that, but Sean Duffy will come along this spring and will get credit for the one trying to help these people. If he had gotten his way, there would be no one for these people to turn to right now.
    Can you imagine what the Republicans would do with these two hypocrites if the situation was reversed?