Saturday, December 24, 2011

Walker is "Governor of the Year," claims he's not a polarizing figure.

You've got to be kidding!!! So says Governors Journal.

Gov. Scott Walker still doesn't get it. He's a bad manager. His style has been met with protests and a recall effort. Whine as he will about the public's reaction, and the negative comments made to his family, he doesn't get that it didn't have to be that way. He's mirrored by his legislative henchmen, Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald.

In this Fox 6 Mike Lowe interview, Scott observations:
"This wasn't about some wild political agenda...I would have never dreamed the national attention, national focus. I just came in trying to, like a small business owner, I saw a problem, saw a solution, I tried to fix it."
Saying he didn't have a "wild political agenda" doesn't make is so. Another big mistake that resulted in tanking our economy; a state with a multi-billion dollar budget and hundreds of thousands of employees, is no small business, requiring small business solutions. One change, any change, effects hundreds of communities in a big way. Bad manager? Sure.

And that outrageous "David Koch" call, where Walker spilled his guts to a stranger?
Walker: "It was an embarrassment just in the sense, in particular the fact that someone wasn't who they claimed to be."

Lowe: "Democrats keep bring up the phrase that you used in that conversation, 'dropping the bomb on the state,' what did you mean by that?"

Walker: "That was months and months ago. For us, we wanted to put out a major change."
Oh, well then "drop the bomb" is okay. But here's the best part of the interview, thanks to Lowe:
Lowe: "Is there a misperception of you that you would like to see eradicated?

Walker: "There are some who like, who could benefit from the misconception that...of polarizing, or phrases like that are used."

Lowe: "On Feb. 11th though, you also said the words "We're not negotiating over a budget, we're broke, there's nothing to negotiate. That struck a lot of people as, 'This is my way or the highway' type of tone. In retrospect, do you wish you were softer in those comments?"

Walker: "No, I think..."

Lowe: "Cause that did set the tone for the entire year didn't it? I mean in terms of making you a polarizing figure; us against them?"

Walker: "I just laid out the facts..."
Lowe framed it correctly. Walker went on to whine the Democrats tried to "ram through" a union agreement before he became governor. How dare the previous administration take care of business while still in session. Walker of course tried to ram through a complete reversal of the last 20 years in a week.

For many in the state, it was hard to stomach repealing the last 20 years of progress in just a few weeks time, with no debate and no compromise. With big corporate money now buying our elections, Republicans went after the only money that represented working people, the unions. Was it so unfair for a few unions to try and influence elections with campaign funding, while leaving corporate America alone to do their dirty work? While Republicans argued unions shouldn't influence elections, they also argued and won at the Supreme Court level, that money doesn't influence elections. Not bad if you can have it both ways, and they did.

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