Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walker thugs continue to use vilification and intimidation to smear Constitutionally protected Protesters and recall Petitioners.

The “smear” tactic is precisely what Gov. Walker supporters are utilizing now, by ginning up fear, possible obstruction and fabricating the existence of irate business owners. For Walker supporters, the recall itself threatens their authoritarian one party control of Wisconsin. A state they "took back"…from other Wisconsinites.
Brookfield Patch: Police received at least 10 calls related to recall activities in the past week, on top of the half-dozen calls they responded to on Black Friday. Some complained to police that petition supporters were blocking entrances to the Brookfield Public Library or upsetting business or restaurant patrons. Brookfield Ald. Jerry Mellone tried but failed to persuade police officers that anti-Walker organizers were violating city ordinances.

Again, no arrests were made or citations issued. Police said demonstrators were complying with the city's rules on picketing and staying on public sidewalks or parking lanes.

So what happened that threatened the Walker gripe on our state?
Brookfield Ald. Jerry Mellone contacted police Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to argue recall activists were breaking city ordinances and should be cited outside Brookfield Square mall and Qdoba, Police disagreed.

A woman told police Sunday that a man was taking pictures of all the drivers stopping at Brookfield Square mall to sign petitions to recall the governor. 
The now familiar tactic of Walker brownshirts shouting and disrupting petition locations (to scare the daylights out of business owners), is gaining steam and working:
Boulder Venture Property Management said it was getting "numerous calls" from tenants, saying verbal fights were breaking out between anti- and pro-recall people and they should be removed "before things escalate." One "very upset" restaurant patron said the signers were on the sidewalk but their cars were parked in the private restaurant lot. Police said the business should post signs saying parking for patrons only. 
So much concern over the improper use of a private parking lot? Amazing.
One woman called police twice to complain that petition supporters were causing traffic hazards outside the mall at Blue Mound Road and Main Street. Officers found no hazards.

Petition activity on Washington Drive near the Capitol Drive off-ramp drew three complaints Wednesday afternoon about traffic hazards. Police monitored the area for 20 minutes and said the road was wide enough for motorists to pull over to the side without causing a hazard.

Someone walked into the police station to say recall volunteers were blocking the doors to the city library about 12:54 p.m. Wednesday. But library and police officials said recall organizers were standing on the sidewalk in front of the library and not causing problems. A person opposed to recalling Gov. Scott Walker was urging people to not sign the petition.
This would all be outrageously humorous, if it wasn't so scary.

For these pocket cafeteria Constitutionalists to do so much to threaten and discourage the rights of their fellow Americans to redress their government, is by itself, unimaginable. But what's even more unthinkable; It could also be a dangerous harbinger of things to come if they ever find a way to keep political power. 

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