Friday, December 9, 2011

Caught!!! Walker Thug makes intimidating calls to Petition Signers.

It's hard to believe this is happening in the U.S..

I've read and heard conservatives describe liberals as "brownshirts." But that's just projection.

Yet the term works on a historical level when applied to the recent intimidation tactics used by Walker supporters enamored by their uncompromising authoritarian leader.

Take Kevin Stoll in Hartland, who decided to ask a few petition signers why they wanted to recall Scott 10:30 at night to complete strangers. He tried to come across "undecided," but cliche'd talking points are hard to ignore. WKOW 27's Tony Galli has this stunning story of what could be illegal political intimidation:

I guess maybe we should ask Kevin why he supports Walker. Oh shoot, I must have left his number someplace....has anyone seen it?


Anonymous said...

But wait, weren't upset demothugs practically storming the Walker residence making their opinions known? It's ALL gotten out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Stoll, Hartland : You can look up his address and telephone number in the White Pages. What an idiot.

Democurmudgeon said...

No, Dems never stormed Walker house. Neighbors helped sign petitions.

Ouch, making opinions known...what a stretch. Same as a middle of the night call from an thug?

Get serious.

Anonymous said...

protesters on the sidewalk in front of a public officials home is not storming it. taking video of private citizens at a petition gathering event and then tracking down those citizens and making harassing and intimidating phone calls is out of line. It's that simple.