Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where’s the tea party? Raking in the corporate cash and doing nothing!!

Big bucks from billionaires. What is “funny” sad about all this is that after tea party/Republican voters elect their representatives, those politicians come back to their voters and ask them to make the decisions for them. Huh? That’s just crazy.
On her website, Rep. Diane Black asks constituents to join advisory panels in her Tennessee district. "I believe the best ideas to solve our nation's problems will come from people like you, not Washington bureaucrats and special interest groups."

But Black was elected for her ideas, by likeminded voters, so what's her problem? It's a scam.

And so was the movement from the beginning, when it gathered steam over a long list of phony health care reform lies; death panels, government run, rationing, socialism, and killing grandma.

The media reported but didn’t make an issue of the tea party billionaires, who funded jumbo screen TV’s, audio systems, nationwide bus tours and organizations filled with former radicalized Republican politicians and corporate sponsors.
A joint analysis by iWatch News and the Center for Responsive Politics has found that the 15 freshmen members of the Tea Party Caucus have embraced many of the same special interests that have supported Republicans for years. The fifteen combined have received over $3,450,000 during the first three quarters of this year from almost 700 different PACs.

Among the biggest PAC donors to the tea party freshmen are familiar Washington faces; Honeywell International-a Fortune 100 company best known for its defense manufacturing, The American Bankers Association, Lockheed Martin, Koch Industries, The National Association of Realtors.

That last one, the Realtors Association, sticks in my craw because my dues (when I was a member) went to support their lousy money grubbing policies that in some cases, weren’t in the interest of home sellers and buyers. Many fellow Realtors in the area are starting to take action against their misspent dues and have banded together to work as consumer advocates, and not Republican con men. 

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