Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Union under threat in radically conservative Brookfield.

Freedom and liberty apparently don't extend to those who want to organize and belong to a union. After all, unions participate in elections, forcing corporate interests to spend more money than they would normally have too. Take out the unions and the corporate buyout of our elections is complete. 

Which brings me to the current wave of threats.

Walker supporters have found new and illegal ways to corrupt democracy, all the while "saving it" (you know, like Medicare). Harassment and threats are all part of a standard campaign operating procedure developed by Walkerites, in the same city that decided the election of conservative activist Justice David Prosser:
Brookfield Patch: United Education Profession in Brookfield called police several times last week to report employees had receiving harassing, threatening phone calls. The same week that an effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker was launched, employees of United Education Profession called police three times about threats and suspicious vehicles in its Burleigh Road parking lot.

We Are Milwaukee spokesman Ted Kraig is an employee with Council 10 of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state teachers union.

According to police reports: At 7:11 a.m. Wednesday, a United Education Profession staff assistant called Brookfield police to say a man had phoned the business three times that morning telling her how "(expletive) up" the teachers and their unions are. The caller's identity was blocked ... called again the next afternoon, saying it was continuing to receive threats ... Kraig, who works in the same building, (said) he was getting harassing calls to his home, cell and work phones, including calls at 2 a.m. Thursday ... the phone listed to a number with a 612 area code.

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