Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recall Walker Rally at Capitol Energizes Movement.

It was a big day on the Capitol square today, as tens of thousands of out-of-state rioters vandalized...

Just kidding, I was just recalling a similar statement from Gov. Scott Walker. The "union thugs" even showed up with their children as human shields, although despite their efforts, police couldn't find one person to arrest. 

Oh, and the tea party protesters who promised a counter rally...they forgot. Like one protester mentioned below, they had other things to do. Poor things, I guess standing up for your side of the debate and demonstrating is just too strenuous if you don't have an Americans for Prosperity bus to troll around in.

Thanks to WKOW 27, NBC 15, Channel3000 for the great coverage, and check out their sites for additional coverage and comments. And what can you say about Russ Feingold, and his on point speech. I think he put the silly "out-of-state" BS to rest.  

Channel3000: The crowd estimate was determined to be about 25,000 to 30,000 at the peak. "A lot of people agreed that while it's not the 100,000 (protesters) we had back in February, the reality is while everybody is here, there are people all over the state in every city and town in this state collecting signatures above and beyond what we've gotten here," said Margo Miller of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

The coalition working to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the group has gathered more than 105,000 signatures in the first four days. 

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