Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blatant Walker Thugs Continue Ripping Up Recall Petitions...

Is it me or have the Walker thugs threats of ripping up recall petitions gone into high gear? I guess we can't do too much about it, until after the fact, and even then we don't know if anyone is caught or charged. 

A guy in a pickup stopped at a roadside sign up, ripped a petition, and drove off. That's an easy one. But no news yet on the guy who did it. Why? From WKOW 27 and reporter Tony Galli:

Now another petition got the Walker thug treatment:
WKOW: Edgewood College officials notified the campus community of the destruction of a recall petition against Governor Walker, but a campus official said the police were not notified.

Edgewood College Dean of Students Maggie Balistreri-Clarke wrote campus security was notified someone had destroyed a recall petition with signatures.   The email notes such action is a felony crime. Associate Dean of Students Ryan Bouchard told 27 News as students gathered recall signatures in a campus dining commons November 15, a student took a petition and ripped it up. Bouchard said campus officials have identified the student allegedly responsible for the petition destruction, and the student faces possible sanction from the institution … officials have not contacted Madison police.

Bouchard said student witnesses were encouraged to contact police … there's no record of such a report. One of the student witnesses,  18-year old freshman Zach Madden told 27 News witnesses have consulted with representatives of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin but no police report has been filed. "I feel a crime was committed."

Another instance of petition destruction in Madison took place last week, when police officials said a man tore-up a petition after pulling over on Midvale Boulevard and talking with a petition circulator.

A DPW spokesperson has yet to respond to a request for comment from 27 News on why party representatives have failed to report the campus incident to authorities.
The Governor is getting the information via social networking sites.

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