Monday, November 21, 2011

It’s Congress Stupid, not Obama.

I don’t even want to get into the losing game the Democrats continue to get sucked into, by playing defense to the Republicans non-stop offense. Reverse that, and the GOP won’t have so much time on their hands hatching another con game.

For instance, this headline from Washington Monthly: “The Right Blames Obama for GOP’s Failure.”
The right seems quite invested in this line of attack, as if a memo went out to Republicans and allied pundits … Judd Gregg and Robert Samuelson make the same lazy argument … Sen. Marco Rubio even sketched out a crude conspiracy theory, that the White House deliberately ensured the super-committee’s failure so the president could run against a “do-nothing Congress.”

Romney blamed the president for the apparent failure of the bipartisan panel…. “He hasn’t had any role … He’s done nothing.”

But here’s the clincher; the Democrats are now spinning dizzily around, despite the truth:
Obama kept his distance and allowed members of the debt panel to work on a deal on their own because Republicans asked the president to stay away … Senator John Kerry said on “Meet the Press” that President Obama and White House budget officials “were asked to be hands off.” “The Republicans said, ‘Don’t let Obama come into this, because if he does, it will make it political … They’ve been intimately involved, but carefully so that they didn’t politicize it. I think they did the right thing.”

Republicans can’t urge Obama to keep his distance, and then blame him when he keeps his distance.

As long as the Democrats continue to let Republicans churn out masterfully crafted lies, and not go on the offensive, the country will continue believe right wing the propaganda. 

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