Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conservative Wisconsin State Journal front page: Teachers Porn Lovers Too!!!

Teachers sit around all day looking at porn in school.

Just in case you missed it, Republican vilification of teachers reached its peak in Wisconsin with legislation that portrays them as panting purveyors of porn and/or felons.

This below the fold headline nails those lousy teachers!

The smear campaign wasn't over after stripping collective bargaining. It's not like you couldn't fire a teacher before this law was signed into law by Gov. Walker. But Republicans had to go one step further, by actually revoking their teacher license. That'll teach 'em. It wasn't enough to be able to pull their license for immoral conduct.

Looking at porn at school is a bad idea, sure, but does it end a career or make a great teacher bad? The answer:
Gov. Scott Walker said the new law will help ensure children are being educated by qualified teachers. 
These moral upstanding beacons of perfection can hopefully spend more time now ripping up recall petitions or making it harder for adults to get birth control.

And to make room for law abiding citizens to get jobs, Walker signed into law the ability of schools to discriminate against former felons, even if their offense doesn't directly relate to the job in question. That was the actual reason given by a Republican legislator for passing this law. I guess mistakes like drunk driving, a tragic fatal accident, burglary, theft, white collar embezzlement can be a job ending moment...for life.

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