Friday, November 18, 2011

Walker admits Union Money the reason for Attacking Collective Bargaining.

Scott Walker let the cat out of the bag for the first time, laying bare his intentions to take union money out of the political process. We've heard the truth from Republican legislators, but in this PJ TV interview, we get it from the horses-ass' mouth:

Why unions would want to push "more government" is anybody's guess, and pure conservative lunacy. And what's with the mailman jacket? Walker going postal?

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  1. Oh I see, take away the level playing field so only the Koch money and influence is acceptable...right Walker? That's not democracy...that's dictatorship.

    Scott Walker is not our governor...ALEC is. Walker only takes orders and legislates the bills they've written that benefit corporations and promotes capitalism. The people's needs be damned. And he wonders why he's being recalled.

    Recalling Walker/Kleefisch and voting out the Fitzs, dumb Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan in 2012 will bring some sanity back to WI. We need legislators that work for the well being of the people in WI...not puppets being driven by ALEC.