Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walker Ad #2, bought and paid for by Koch brothers and Far Right Wing MacIver Institute, who speak for Voters?

I'm only proving the point that Walker's "Open for Business" recovery plan isn't working.

No matter how many ads the Koch brothers buy through the ironically name Americans for Prosperity, along with the fringe "think" tank MacIver Institute, the job losses and dire predictions by school officials proves beyond a doubt, its not working. 

While the ad below never mentions the concessions made by teachers before collective bargaining took the Walker hit, it becomes obvious that outside special interests have a stake in keeping Scotty in power. Why, especially when you see 65,000 people dropped off Badgercare and a $1.6 billion cut from education. Thanks for nothing. The ends shouldn't justify the means, but they do. And don't get me started on the lost revenues from tax cuts and corporate welfare.

Trashing government jobs and their employees because the private sector keeps shedding jobs is keeping up with the Jones' in reverse, and not a formula for an economic recovery. But that's the upside down world of conservatism. 

AP: Unemployment rates fell in three-quarters of U.S. states last month, a sign that many parts of the country are experiencing modest job gains. Unemployment rates rose in only 5.
You’ll notice that states around Wisconsin are showing a drop in unemployment, some are adding jobs overall, and Wisconsin is losing jobs.
Unemployment rates in Alabama, Michigan and Minnesota all dropped by a half of a percentage point -- the biggest declines among states. Illinois' job growth appears to have encouraged many people who had stopped looking for work to resume job searches, increasing the size of the labor force. That caused the unemployment rate to rise, despite the job gain.

Wisconsin reported the biggest job loss, a drop of 9,700, followed by New York, which shed 8,300.

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