Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The reported Walker death threats sounding like exploitation!!!

What, more threats leveled at the governor. I guess we'll have to take their word for it. The few public threats that have made the papers have been determined to be non-threats. I wonder...?

Death threats have been exploited in a disgraceful way by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislative majority, as a way of garnering sympathy for their draconian austerity agenda.

Everything is a death threat now, or a scare tactic that must be taken seriously enough to...what? All this from a party that wanted to bash a few heads at the Capitol to discourage any dissent (of course that would only make things worse, but conservatives still don't know that).

In this recent interview from TMJ4, Tonette Walker takes hearsay to a whole new level, when she got a call from someone who heard from someone else, that they had somebody else run up to them and threaten to kill Walker. You can't make this stuff up:

Governor Walker isn't worried the recall effort will be a distraction for him. But Mrs. Walker is worried about the political charged atmosphere. She worries about his safety every time he leaves the house.

"I'll be honest I do worry," said Tonette Walker, Wisconsin's First Lady. "There's death threats all the time. I just had a call the other day, someone called me on Saturday and said: 'a woman ran up to someone and said you know, let's just kill him.'"
Of course Walker's occasional one finger salute from car windows passing by his home makes me so sad...that he still doesn't get it.

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