Monday, November 14, 2011

Walker Makes Mistake Highlighting Biggest Weakness; "I'm committed to working together..." Really?

Take it from someones who's been in advertising for years, don't make an obvious lie your only message. That's what Scott Walker did. He could have said anything else. No matter what you thought of collective bargaining, or how well you think schools are doing now, you would have to be an idiot not to know Scott Walker does not work together with anyone...but his own party.

During Monday Night Football, a blond school board model does her best to contradict a just released report that paints a dismal picture of public education (first lie really). Scotty follows that, with his laughable "working together" lie. I'm loving...the big mistake:

Who wants to whip that phony smirk of his face with a successful recall? Oh, and from the Waukesha Patch, this surprisingly strong support for recalling Walker as of today, 11/15  12:54pm.

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