Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out of State Walker Thugs now Making Death Threats.

Walker's thugs, from out of state no less, started their campaign of death threats. Looks like the "silent majority" in Wisconsin are a little insecure over Scott Walker's policies. 

Why play dirty tricks, throw rock through business windows, commit recall petition fraud, and scare people if Walker's policies are so popular? 

But overt death threats, not conversational posts on Facebook with their picture and bio, is a different story. Any slight reference to a threat should be avoided at all costs, but that doesn't mean the lawless far right wing feels the same way. Like this late breaking threat:
jsonline: A teacher and prominent critic of Gov. Scott Walker said she received a death threat early Thursday against her and her family. Blogger Heather DuBois Bourenane drew attention in September when NBC news anchor Brian Williams read to Walker a sharply critical letter from the Sun Prairie teacher at the network’s Education Nation conference.

DuBois Bourenane immediately made a report to the Sun Prairie Police Department about the telephone threat, which came at 4 a.m. Thursday … the threat was made by a man who wouldn’t identify himself … the man told her in a deliberate but threatening tone that her life and the lives of her family were in danger because “you’ve attracted the attention of some very bad people.” …the call was made from a cellular telephone in the Twin Cities 612 area code. A call made to that number Thursday produced only a message that the user had not set up his or her voice mailbox. 

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