Monday, November 14, 2011

Republican Recall Dirty Tricks: Lawsuit over new districts, run fake Democrats again, and intimidate petitioners.

I wonder how recall voters will react in the voting booth when they have to choose between actual government policy, or fake Democrats wasting taxpayer money?
AP: Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he hasn't ruled out running fake Democrats again in recall elections targeting GOP incumbents in order to give them more time to campaign.

The Democratic Party says it will file paperwork on Tuesday to recall Republican Sens. Van Wanggaard of Racine, Terry Moulton of Chippewa Falls and Pam Galloway of Wausau. Fitzgerald will also be targeted for recall. 

But the dirty tricks won’t stop there. If Wisconsinites are so supportive of Walker’s austerity plan, then why intimidate recall petitioners, threaten to shred their own deceptively gathered petitions, and move to overrule the GAB? But that’s not all.
Fitzgerald says he also expects a lawsuit to be filed over whether old district boundaries or new ones should be in effect for recalls.

Looks like the Fitzgerald’s gerrymandering took place, not for population changes, but for pure political advantage to maintain one party rule despite voter sentiment. 

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