Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norquist Finds Way to Justify Ending SS Holiday; Endless BS is getting Really Really Tiring.

Republicans talk a lot about freedom and liberty, but watch out, it only means what they say it means.

In the past year since the Republicans took control of our state legislature, and the Congress, we're seeing how easily they can take everything away with the turn of an unfriendly card.

In Wisconsin, the GOP took away part of the Earned Income Tax Credit from the poor and middle class, which would normally have been considered a tax increase. Grover Norquist would be on their case instantly.

But like Humpty Dumpty, the Earned Income Tax Credit got the old Republican makeover and ended up being a "welfare program," a "redistribution of money" to people who didn't "earn" the credit. See. It's not a tax increase after all.

Which brings me to reinstating the Social Security tax holiday, which the Republicans insist didn't work, and...get this, was meant to end! Grover Norquist insists the Bush tax cuts were always meant to be made permanent, which is different from the temporary SS tax holiday, so it's not a tax increase like repealing the Bush tax cuts.  Check out the Rachel Maddow setup, and the down-the-rabbit hole bullshit from Grover Norquist.

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