Monday, November 21, 2011

Tea Party Betrayed by Walker on "Obama-Cares."

When your claim to fame is opposition to health care access to Americans, it still amazes me anyone still takes the tea party movement seriously today.

Now they're madder than a hatter. From the New American:
Activists are fuming after GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed an emergency rule to implement ObamaCare in the state and refused to return federal grant money provided under the scheme. Liberty-minded activists in the state were hard at work pressuring Walker not to sign the rule as late as this week. What they did not realize, however, is that it had already been approved on November 3 before finally being published on the 16th.  

“Would Scott Walker really stab the Tea Party in the back like this? The Tea Party that got him elected!? It certainly looks that way,” noted Todd Welch, the Interim State Coordinator for Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty. “You and I have fought too long and too hard against ObamaCare to have it rammed down our throat now. ”Critics are calling the actions a “betrayal” of his supporters and the Tea Party, though some defenders are saying he has merely been acting on bad advice.
The biggest issue in the lives of tea party loons is moving ahead in Wisconsin, with the help of their  hero and union buster, Scott Walker. 

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