Monday, November 21, 2011

Walker thugs say Recall Petition Signers were Children, Under Age!!! Guess what? They weren't....

With more dirty tricks to act out, it's starting to look like the right wing Walker hawkers aren't so sure everyone in Wisconsin is sold on Scotty's austerity plan and climbing unemployment rate.

In what can only described as bizarre, fringe right wingers noticed two young women in a protest video they claimed were under age, signing a Walker recall petition. Of course they wouldn't know if they were right or not, but at this point making things up might work, or at least create doubt.

You might have noticed Walker ass kisser and Vise-Chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party Brian Schimming smirk this comment:
"It also tells me the fact that they had to hold up some ID's, that apparently the ID law does make some sense, doesn't it." 

Some form of ID has always been required, so I guess Schimming had to be a sneering wise ass and take his shot, shifting attention away from the intentionally restrictive voter suppression law passed by the Jim Crow Republicans.

Baseless accusations do build up and become part of the conservative talk radio narrative over time, and this latest "underage" lie will be just another one of them, despite the correction.
A video of a man collecting recall petition signatures from two young women prompted an allegation of fraud by conservatives. The video was shot on Milwaukee's North Avenue Bridge during an Occupy Milwaukee event. The person who shot it then posted it to YouTube under the username "Hawzwood."   It includes a description that says: "These appear to be children under the age of 18.
Wisconsin Democratic Party Spokesperson Graeme Zielinski said that allegation is absolutely false. "To call what these people did, practicing their rights as citizens, fraud, is malicious," said Zielinski.  "It is a lie." Zielinski tracked these women down and that each provided proof they were both over the age of 18. One is 22 years old, the other is 20. Zielinski sent pictures to 27 News which show the women holding their ID's. 
So hard did the jovial jackass Schimming respond:
"The problem is, I don't know what to believe," responded Brian Schimming, Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

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  1. These GOP/Media Tracker dudes must have learned their craft in Dade County, Florida in the 2000 presidential recount, challenging almost every ballot just to sow doubt and slow things down enough for the Supremes to throw up their hands and bring everything to (only an apparently justifiable) halt. Their method: Challenge everything and yell fraud at every opportunity. It's like screaming, "Isn't that Elvis?!" and hoping nobody notices that you're picking their wallets. Never mind that the info on the petition line you sign can and is verfiable. Show IDs? But you don't have to have a Voter ID to sign a petition. That next, I suppose.