Saturday, November 26, 2011

Walker to Wisconsinites: " feels like sour grapes." Classy, Professional.

It looks like the Republican “disciplinary council” has become our “father” figure, treating the other adults in the state like irresponsible children. Scott Walker had to do it, and you’ll thank him someday.

The latest “sour grapes” ad from Scott Walker insults the voters intelligence with an ad hominem attack. History is littered with “leaders” who did claimed they had to do “what’s right.” 

Keep in mind the ads spokesperson "Kristi," is a teacher at a corporate "choice" school in the Kenosha Unified School District. LakeView High:
LakeView opened in the fall of 1997. LakeView has a unique partnership with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA), WISPARK Corporation, Gateway Technical College , Marquette University College of Engineering, and the Kenosha Unified School District . 
TMJ4 had this short description:
The ad features a mother and high school teacher named "Kristi." She talks about her support for Scott Walker. And now, she's getting blasted online for saying it … she says, "I mean, Scott Walker said from the beginning, I'm going to do what's right for Wisconsin, and he did, he did. I'm not big on recalls and I think at this point, in my opinion, and I'm only speaking from the "I", it feels a little like sour grapes."

"Kristi" stated in the commercial, "It's not about being popular, it's not about getting the votes, it's this is what is right."
So doing what’s unpopular is better? Let me see now, a majority always reflects what is popular, so doing what is unpopular is Walker’s minority “I know what’s best” solution? Kristi reflects the odd, winner take all ideology, of the far right.
The Facebook page, "The Heroic Wisconsin 14," … (saw) hundred(s) of comments in just the few hours after the ad hit the page. "Sally" writes, "No kidding, I am not a violent person, but I want to punch her in the head every time this ad is played!"

And like any of the past authoritarian states, the ruling government has “requested” silence from the propagandist.
In a Facebook conversation with TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz's, "Kristi" says a PR person for the Governor asked her not to speak to the media.

Kristi of course, after willingly betraying her fellow teachers and endorsing the less popular “tough love” edict handed down by the Walker administration, is now hurt by all the "surprise" criticism?:
She did say, "it said what I feel" and all the threats are hurtful.

Like my conservative friend told me the other day when I suggested Walker should have compromised after seeing how unpopular his policies were;
“We won the election.”

Not forever…(I hope). 


  1. When you lie to get into office and dozens of times afterwards recalls are necessary

  2. If taking 800 million from Wisconsin school children in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporations is what is "right for Wisconsin," then I guess that private school teacher is correct.

  3. Another wonderful profile of the psychology of the GOP and their supporters. "Kristi" says that "'s not about being popular." and this is something she and the other hacks in the repug party know alot about. One of the primary motivating factors (aside from genetic mutations) that creates the mindset that is republicanism is the lack of popularity.

    Clearly, crusty Kristi was unpopular when she was in school and this translated into hate and anger. Rather than growing as well-rounded humans, these mistakes of nature turn to the dark side to deal with their personal pain.

    The way she holds her (enormous) head, and tilts it when she lies has got to be one of the highlights of the recall season. The "bitchy chick look" she gives will remind readers of their own high school experience with the rotten underbelly of humanity. So many of these high school horrors end up as bitter hags that support the wierdos of the far right.

    So, whether its a waterbed with a head like Kristi or an anorexic skank like the cheap bleached blond who makes Ann Coulter look appealing, these sick haters show their true colors when they least expect to.

    These arrogant and patronizing commercials should keep coming since they are doing the opposite of what they are intended for.

    Oh, and if anyone want to date crusti Kristi, just log on to a dating service and register as a bitter racist or corporate toady (with money). You'll soon have these sad excuses for humans flooding your inbox.

    Happy Snarksgiving, everyone.

  4. dave, what a wonderful display. I can only hope ppl speak in your same glowing tomes about the women in your life.
    it seems you were also scarred in high school and mostly likely in college and be so pleasant to females.
    WTG big guy! youre the man!