Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walker Thugs Falsely Accuse Recall Petition Signers of being Underage, Committing Fraud.

With a few more dirty tricks to act out, it looks like the Walker hawkers aren't as confident the public is buying into Scotty's austerity plan or climbing unemployment numbers as they should be.

Far right wing bloggers singled out two young looking women, on a video showing them signing a recall petition, and accused them of being underage. Of course they had no way of knowing, but what the heck, lying about it will still get them some mileage and a mention here. WKOW 27:

The video was shot on Milwaukee's North Avenue Bridge during an Occupy Milwaukee event. The person who posted, username "Hawzwood" ... includes a description that says: "These appear to be children under the age of 18.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Spokesperson Graeme Zielinski said that allegation is absolutely false. "To call what these people did, practicing their rights as citizens, fraud, is malicious," said Zielinski.  "It is a lie." Zielinski tracked these women down and that each provided proof they were both over the age of 18. One is 22 years old, the other is 20. Zielinski sent pictures to 27 News which show the women holding their ID's. 

And what did the Vice Chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party have to say about getting caught?
"The problem is, I don't know what to believe," responded Brian Schimming, Vice-Chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party.
While Schimming dares someone to wipe that snide grin off his face, he couldn't help but throw in one more slam:
Schimming: "It also tells me the fact that they had to hold up some ID's, that apparently the ID law does make some sense, doesn't it?" 
Voting has always required some form of ID, and Brian knows it, but the grinning buffoon is trying to shift attention away from the restrictive voter suppression law passed by his fellow Jim Crow Republicans.

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