Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Arrogance of Millionaire Elitist Dumb Ron Johnson

What’s wrong with the following idea from Johnson:
Freshman senator Ron Johnson stressed the need for more "citizen legislators" like himself. 

Citizen millionaire legislators who had the luck to marry into their business ownership? That’s just what we need, a lot of bad “Gary Cooper” wannabee’s, playing Ayn Rand characters in a D.C. version of Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged.
American Spectator: Johnson explained that most Congressional staffers are "fine young people" just a few years out of school … Johnson wished that they could understand the "wonder and power of the free market system." 

In a rambling speech completely disconnected from the job of a government lawmaker, dumb Ron Johnson extolls the joy of cruel market:
"You don't really understand how powerful the free market system is until you lose an order by just a fraction of a percentage … Until you lose a customer because you missed a delivery by a day, or six hours. That teaches you something. Living a life teaches you something; having a family teaches you something."

And having a family, living a life and being an elected official doesn’t teach you anything? Johnson clearly wants us all to learn something from him, despite his extremist ideological philosophy that does not jibe with liberal Americans.

According to the American Spectator, corporate millionaires through marriage who bought their office: Johnson is as close to a pure citizen-statesman as can be found in the U.S. Congress. 

But why call Ron dumb? His biggest reason to get into government was his total ignorance of the health care industry. I doubt he did any of the homework needed to provide insurance for his companies workers after the following stupidity.
The heard Barack Obama "demonize" doctors by suggesting that they perform unnecessary procedures for their own profit.

That’s a real problem, one Johnson doesn't know a thing about. In fact, the following clueless statement is the actual reason why over 50 million people don’t have health insurance or die because they put off seeing a doctor:
His vision for real health care reform centers around the need to "reconnect the consumer of the product and the payment of the product" to keep spending down and quality up.

It’s that kind of thinking that continues the tens of thousands of preventable deaths every year, and the reason for most bankruptcies. Yea right, more “citizen-statesmen” are needed, just like dumb Ron Johnson. 

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