Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is a "Recall the Recall Rally?" Young Republicans Panic.

The Young Republicans of Dane County managed to fully realize the Mad Hatter’s tea party with their trip through the looking glass celebration of the “Recall the Recall Rally." I assume that was followed by their classic un-birthday party. 

What was the event really? Who knows, but I thought this sick comment summed it up. 
We all knew it was coming, and now the fight is on. For folks who feel it's ridiculous that Governor Walker is being recalled for getting our fiscal house in order, sign this online petition and forward it to your friends. We need to show that we stand behind the reforms that have helped to put us back on the road to prosperity.

Wait, this is prosperity? No jobs and higher unemployment numbers, a failed “Open for Business” economic plan, dropping 65,000 from Badgercare…that's prosperity to the Young Republicans.

NBC 15 took a shot at explaining it. A security blankie maybe?

The sloganeering of “It’s working,” is working on…them, the Mad Hatter tea party Young Republicans.

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