Friday, November 18, 2011

Horowitz in Occupy and Obama-Irrelevance Personified, & Reince Priebus on Rotting Fish Heads.

I used to hate David Horowitz, literally, but that hate has morphed into laughter. He’s such a cartoon now, spewing hate and conservative projection. In fact, he’s a “projectionist,” if I can play on that word or at least add to its meaning. Horowitz says liberals are character assassins, and then proceeds to character assassinated Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and Obama. This is another surreal Newsmax interview, shortened to include the relevant news content, and of course silliness.
Conservative activist and author David Horowitz tells Newsmax that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are “morons” being exploited by the organized left. He also says the Republican presidential candidate could win in a landslide in 2012, warns that the Democrats are “character assassins” who will vilify their GOP rival, and predicts that the tea party will play a huge role in the outcome.

RNC Chief Priebus on Obama Presidency: 'A Fish Rots at the Head' … 

"Listen, a fish rots at the head," Priebus said. "There's someone in charge of this country that promised a whole heck of a lot four years ago, right? He did it in a bigger way and it didn't work out. Everything's worse. You can get into, you want to argue all of the details, but everything is worse."

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