Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Was Fake "OccupyMadison" site really isolated incident, as Republican Party now claims?

I had to post this story just to document how confident conservative voters are about the popularity of their agenda, and the confidence they have brought to the electoral process. Whew, thank god they also gave us voter ID and fade Democratic candidates. 

NBC26, Green Bay: The government accountability board is investigating a "fake" recall website. Occupymadison.com is offline now. This weekend, someone posted info claiming recall organizers gathered all of their signatures and telling petitioners to stop collecting.

"If you can't defend Scott Walker, you have to resort to dirty tricks. And these folks are resorting to dirty tricks because they can't defend Scott Walker's record" says Graeme Zielinski of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

The creator of the page concealed their identity. Republicans say it's an isolated incident.

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  1. I think the site not only encouraged recall supporters to stop collecting signatures, it encouraged them to destroy the petitions they had not yet turned in.

    Destroying recall petitions is a FELONY whether or not the magic number of signatures needed to trigger a recall election has been reached. All petitions must be turned in to the GAB. This site was recommending that collectors commit a FELONY!