Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Whole Can of Young Republican Worms....

Three people may have committed voter fraud on April 5, 2011, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But...

The Young Republicans dirty tricks continue, getting whatever mileage they can out of adding their own misinformation to allegations of voter fraud, by three out of state election volunteers, without a shred of information. The tweet below assumes outside union bosses, thugs, or activists were the individuals being investigated, and not outside Republican, Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity provocateurs.   
Dane County Young Republicans: “why we NEED voter ID &@GovWalker!! #wiunion and #recall are up to dirty tricks!!”

The story from jsonline offers no party affiliation, but consider this; the fact that this is in conservative Glendale, and the Supreme Court race between incumbent Republican David Prosser and the more liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg was critical to Walker’s agenda, take a guess:
The Milwaukee County district attorney's office is seeking records from the Marriott Residence Inn in Glendale as part of an investigation to determine if three people who listed the hotel as their residence on voter registration records committed voter fraud … investigating a complaint accusing out-of-state election volunteers of voting in Wisconsin during the April 5 election. The complaint, filed in October, alleges the three are not permanent residents of Wisconsin.

A Milwaukee County Circuit Court commissioner approved a subpoena earlier this month that seeks records related to hotel charges and credit cards used to pay those charges for the three people suspected of committing voter fraud, a felony. The subpoena also seeks information about the vehicles the three parked at the hotel. One of the three under investigation is from Georgia, one from New Jersey and one possibly from Florida, according to court records. The three registered to vote on April 5, election day.

A story to watch and report on accurately.

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