Monday, November 28, 2011

Republicans Change Rules to Game System, Recalls! Rules they Wrote and Passed.

Have they no shame?

It must be fun being a conservative. To them, freedom and liberty means having no shame, moral or ethical qualms about doing any damn thing they want. Will their voters ever hold them accountable?

jsonline: The law firm bringing a suit against the state's elections agency advised the Legislature on how to write the very law it is suing over. Republican lawmakers hired Michael Best & Friedrich and the Troupis Law Office to help them draw new legislative maps. That law was explicit in saying the new maps would take effect for recall elections starting in the fall of 2012.

Memorize and behold the actual language:
"This act first applies, with respect to special or recall elections, to offices filled or contested concurrently with the 2012 general election."

That means any recall elections before then must be held in the old districts, according to the state Government Accountability Board, which runs state elections.

Now, Michael Best is representing a group of Republicans who have sued the accountability board, arguing any recall elections must be held using the new maps. The new maps favor Republicans. Michael Best attorney Eric McLeod has asked the state Supreme Court to take up the case … McLeod defended Justice Michael Gableman before the other state Supreme Court justices after the Wisconsin Judicial Commission alleged he had violated the state's ethics code for judges by lying in a 2008 campaign ad. McLeod said he did not believe his relationship with Gableman would require the justice to have to step aside in the case. "I don't think my past representation of a justice would result in the need for recusal," he said, noting his work for him ended more than a year ago.

There is no shame or ethical restrictions for far right wingers.
Monroe Freedman, an expert on judicial ethics at Hofstra Law School in New York, said Gableman should step aside. "I just don't understand why these lawyers put themselves, and more importantly the court, in this position," he said.

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