Monday, November 28, 2011

State Republican Party Spins Wheels Obstructing Democratic Recall!

Obstructing democracy, and a state Constitutional right, is just another part of the Republican idea of government in Wisconsin now. It looks like the whiners on the far right  know how to do only one thing...whine. 
Reedsburg city leaders agreed to let recall supporters and opponents use their city hall to promote their causes. Joan Meyer and Jeri Nikula … get to work inside city hall on the weekdays after Reedsburg administrators gave them permission (to collect recall signatures).

The odd argument from Republican obstructionists?
Republicans say that government resources like city hall buildings should not be used toward the recall petition process at all.

So the recall of a government official can’t be conducted on public property? In fact, Republicans have made such a convincing argument, they asked for, and got permission to use…"what should not be used toward"…city hall. Huh?
But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so Sauk County Republicans filed paperwork so Reedsburg leaders would let them in too.

But the theatre of the absurd doesn’t stop there:
The city gave the OK, but Reedsburg's mayor says the GOP hasn't been back. “We didn't understand what they were doing,” said recall organizer Bill Waser of the GOP's push for equal access. "They haven't really showed up, they've come in and talked to us."

After realizing they didn’t have any real reason to use the building, the party of whiners decided to silently crawl back under their Reedsburg rock:
The county Republicans haven't said much after gaining access to Reedsburg’s city hall, and calls and e-mails to the area’s GOP chairman have not been returned.
Channel3000 had the story:

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