Monday, November 21, 2011

Rep. Sensenbrenner goes Postal on Postal Workers!!

We are now trying to deal with the collapse of the Postal Service all because of a poison pill Republican law that started all this. Let's start with Mr. Hypocrite...

...Rep. James Sensenbrenner, who could not have been more deceptive and insincere than this moment at a recent town hall in the Brookfield Public Safety Building Sunday:
A postman and resident in the Brookfield area wondered what Sensenbrenner thought about the current state of the U.S. Postal Service and a bill that would use postal worker pension funds to avoid service cuts.

“I am against the bill because it is a postal service bail out,” Sensenbrenner said. “The postal service is supposed to be independent and not require tax help from the residents.” Sensenbrenner believes the postal service needs a radical change, like removing delivery dates and closing some post office locations.
Taxpayer money will not be bailing out the post office, since that money is coming from the pension overpayment. Sensenbrenner also left out that he and his fellow Republicans required the Postal Service to fund their health care and pensions 75 years in advance, in just 10 years, draining every penny of their profits. No company in the world is subject to such a ridiculous and destruction law.

But even worse, Sensenbrenner forgot to mention his heroic act to prevent a change in delivery dates and the closing of a postal distribution center, due to angry businesses and rural Republican voters:
Milwaukee Journal: As the U.S. Postal Service searches for $2 billion in spending cuts, residents in several Wisconsin communities are objecting to changes at their post offices. Consolidation of mail carriers in Oconomowoc, West Bend, Oak Creek and elsewhere has stirred complaints that mail is being delivered late and that residents feel neglected. "I'm old school - I'm used to getting my mail by noon," said Brian Wiemer, an Oconomowoc Town Board member. In Waukesha, business owners fear that cutbacks in mail collection hours will undermine their ability to conduct business.

Some have found a sympathetic ear in an influential place: their (Republican) congressman. U.S. Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan both have intervened successfully on behalf of constituents who were unhappy with planned belt-tightening measures at their post office. In both cases, the Postal Service shelved its plans and re-examined its cost-cutting strategies.

Sensenbrenner, a Republican from Menomonee Falls, said that while he does not have an alternative plan for trimming costs, he found the cuts being imposed in southeastern Wisconsin to be too disruptive to customers. "You've got to remind the Postal Service repeatedly that their last name is service," he said.

And on the Walker recall:
Residents attending Sensenbrenner's town hall meeting at the Brookfield Public Safety Building Sunday night Brookfield resident Beverly Roberts said a recall should not be possible unless that person has done something immoral.
“You don’t need a reason to recall someone,” Sensenbrenner said.
Just a guess, but a recall for no reason probably won't get to far. But I'll bet you Republicans will try that once a Democratic governor is elected.

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