Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch babbles Recalls and Political Climate Killing Jobs Nonsense! She and Walker can change that?

Some things are more than obvious.

What’s obvious to anyone with a pulse; the Walker administration’s divisive policies. But what is also obvious; the cluelessness of Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who doesn’t connect the protests and recall elections to their own uncompromising Republican takeover of state government and attack on middle class wage earners.

If the state is in turmoil, do we blame the protesters or the cause of the turmoil? That’s easy:
Nominee for "What Not to Wear?"
WisconsinReporter: In an interview with Wisconsin Reporter, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said she worries about what she describes as the distractions of recall campaigns on business investment and expansion … she said, “We need certainty and stability in the financial climate of the state in order for job creators to invest. It’s a concern of mine that … our political differences continue to be the story. We want job creation to be the story.”
Okay, maybe that wasn't so easy. And whose fault was that? If they want certainty and stability, then…blame the angry Wisconsin voters?  
Wisconsin's private-sector employers cut 9,300 jobs last month … “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the results of Gov. Walker’s ‘reforms’ are more jobs lost and longer unemployment lines,” (said) Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D).
And what does the business community think?
Dick Granchalek, president of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce … said linking the recent round of job losses to Wisconsin’s tense political atmosphere would be a stretch. Scott Furlong agreed. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay political science professor said the uncertainty claim may be a matter of muddying the political waters. “In many ways that’s a political ploy as well as raising the fear factor as to why the Democrats shouldn’t be” pushing the recall campaigns, he said. Furlong said the ongoing nature of the ever-election cycle these days makes sitting on the sidelines in hopes of political change ineffective policy-making and a bad business plan.

Another words; asking the public to stop complaining and sit back and watch the train wreck isn't helping the state, and isn't a viable solution. But Kleefisch repeats the mind numbing psycho talk that suggests politicians can do anything they want if elected, and taxpayers don’t care about how the budget gets balanced or who gets run over in the process:
But the lieutenant governor said … “My concern is we are invalidating the results of the elections that we have done, invalidating the decisions that we made a year ago,” Kleefisch said. “We have done the job the taxpayers of Wisconsin have elected us to do, and we’ve done our jobs thus far.”

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