Monday, November 21, 2011

Sauk County Republicans outraged city hall used for recall petitions. Public shouldn't use public buildings?

It looks like the Republicans Party of Sauk County peed in their pants when they found out Reedsburg's city hall is allowing citizens to gather recall petitions in the rec center. 
Channel3000: Recently the Reedsburg City Council allowed volunteers working to gather signatures for a recall election of Gov. Walker to use a recreational center located inside its city hall.

After receiving complaints, the city had held a special meeting to discuss the use of City Hall by recall workers, but ultimately stood by its decision.

Silliness is no barrier for the GOP, so now they want to use the rec center too, even though they don't really need too. Last I looked, the Democrats were the ones doing the recall. Maybe they want to plot their next death threat or shred a few illegally collected recall petitions?
Now the Republican Party of Sauk County has sent a request asking to use a room at Reedsburg’s City Hall as well. In an e-mail, the group said, “Our request should be treated as an emergency request. Every day we potentially lose another supporter because of the one-sided opportunity your city has presented." The group adds that Reedsburg's mayor responded ... respond to the group as early as Monday.

I hope the room they get from the city has a changing table for these whiny cry babies. 

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